Everybody Loves Bob


The reaction to reason's interview with Bob Barr keeps rolling in, and includes plenty of stuff like this:

[W]hen I read the paragraph saying Barr had joined the Libertarian Party I thought—somewhere Ron Crickenberger is smiling cause Barr must have at least partially come around on the drug war.  Ron represented a lot of LP members and activists in being vociferiously anti-drug war so Barr must know this and must have come around.  Aparently I'm wrong, according to reason magazine cub reporter David Weigel, who didn't press him enough on the issue IMHO, Barr is still a drug warrior.

If I can defend myself; after Barr declined to back off his stance on the drug war, I didn't press him because I didn't want to conduct an entire interview on that issue. Is it going to be a crucial issue in Barr's new role? It may be, as he says his goal is to recruit and train Libertarian candidates and produce better election results than they've ever had. In other words, he might recruit candidates with great campaign skills and resumes who, like him, fall short on one part of the LP quiz.

Had I really wanted to waste my time, I could have quizzed Barr in the style of the New York Times.

Is there actually a card that card-carrying Libertarians carry? "There actually is," Mr. Barr said in a brief phone interview. "It's a heavy plastic card, the size of a credit card, with the party logo on it."

Does he carry the card? "In my briefcase. And I always have my briefcase."

Is having a card at odds with Libertarianism? "I'm not required to carry the card."