Civil Liberties

The Swiss Could Poke You Full of Holes


It contains 85 tools, weighs nearly two pounds, and costs about $1000–the biggest Swiss Army knife ever. Writes the Guardian:

Although Swiss rationality and neutrality are often mistaken for wimpishness, Swiss mercenaries were long considered the most reliably vicious in Europe. The infantrymen of the Swiss Confederation were particularly skilled in the use of very nasty-looking pointy things, including crossbow bolts and the 18ft pikes with which they fought off the Habsburgs at the Battle of Morgarten in 1315. (The pikes carried by the Papal Swiss Guard are an echo of this battle.)

The article also suggests that you "unload this mother into the plastic tray as you walk through security at Heathrow and just see what happens." Reason readers, get to it!

And don't forget, Knives Take Lives. Especially those of the Swiss army variety.