You May Call Me R.J., You May Call Me Ray, Just Don't Call Me Libertarian


The "libertarian vote" controversy—the data-driven one, not the Lindsey-driven one—spills over onto TCS Daily, where Davids Boaz and Kirby point this out:

One more bit from our post-election Zogby poll: We asked voters if they considered themselves "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." A whopping 59 percent said they did. When we added to the question "also known as libertarian," 44 percent still claimed that description.

The Reason Foundation's Adrian Moore speculates (over e-mail) A commenter named Bill speculates that the terrible public image of the LP is the reason for that gap. Anyone have a better theory?

UPDATE: I originally misattributed the source of this wisdom. Who actually suggested it? Or as Camper Van Beethoven would phrase it, "Where the hell is Bill?"