Tom DeLay Doesn't Care About Libertarian People


All of those people—anonymous commenters, slightly-less anonymous e-mailers—who have maligned Reason for apparently kowtowing to liberals and Democrats may have a point. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has rolled out his blog, and Reason is nowhere to be seen on the blogroll. Nick Gillespie's ASAP debating partner Captain Ed makes the list, as does weblog awards sponsor Wizbang.

Assuming the blog isn't shut down by lack of interest (or sheer force of ridicule), I'll be expecting some amusing awkwardness DeLay's way. Recall that Daily Kos sort of hit the bigtime after creator Markos Moulitsas insulted mercenaries in Iraq and John Kerry peeled his blog off his blogroll. And remember that conservative bloggers tried to stoke a firestorm when black blogger Steve Gilliard photoshopped former Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele in blackface, and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine removed an ad from Gilliard's site. How long will it take for DeLay to explain away his link to a blogger who says something offensive or stupid? And will he care? (You'd think the deranged war whoops against members of the media would reflect poorly on Little Green Footballs from time to time, but they never really seem to.)