Ooo, Ooo, That Mel…


Mel Gibson's well-reviewed Apocalypto took home box office honors this weekend, posting about $14 million in ticket sales during its opening stint, enough to push surrealistic romantic comedy The Holiday (surrealistic because Jack Black is one of the love interests) into the back seat.

Apocalypto's take is significantly smaller than the opening weekend of Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, which hauled on the order of $84 million [*] when it first appeared. But still–and despite all the insanity and strangeness that goes along with Gibson–it's still surely a sign of a weirdly rich and diverse culture when a Mayan-language movie outdoes Casino Royale, Happy Feet, and the latest Leonardo DiCaprio joint (not to mention various Christmas-themed flicks such as Santa Clause 3, Deck the Halls, and Unaccompanied Minors).

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[*]: Corrected (and rounded up to nearest million) as per comment below.