Conservatives on Jim Webb: Pro and Con


Scott McConnell, editor of The American Conservative:

[I]t may be true that no successful politician is doing more to shatter the post-1960s categories of Left and Right than Webb is trying to do. If the present results hold, the Old Dominion has given us a vastly more complex senator than the oleaginous George Allen and perhaps its most interesting emissary to the upper chamber since the 19th century.

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., founder of The American Spectator:

At first I thought his discomfort might come from the fear he was going to have to pay his way. It was a classy eatery. I reassured him that he was my guest. I went on to make clear I considered him a fine writer. Nothing I said reassured him, not even my insistence that he have dessert. I left baffled….After that dinner I never made the mistake of inviting him anywhere again.