December 2 Comes Like A Thief In The Night


Hard as it is to believe, November is extremely close to expiration – 14 more hours on the east coast and that'll ring in December. And that means there's barely a day left to give a gift subscription to Reason and ensure that your loved ones (or people you were randomly assigned to gift in some sort of office pool) get a copy of our January issue before Christmas. Nick Gillespie put it so well yesterday that I'll let him say it again:

"Let me take a moment to remind you to give the gift of Reason this holiday season.

Really, what better way is there to annoy and educate your right-wing and left-wing loved ones?

Or reward friends who believe in "Free Minds and Free Markets" but are too broke, cheap, and/or lazy to sign up for the award-winning, lushly produced print edition of Reason?

Or help those who suffering from arteriosclerosis? As Christopher Hitchens writes, "I find that Reason keeps my…arteries from hardening, or from flooding with adrenaline out of sheer irritation, because in the face of arbitrary power and flock-like comformism it continues to ask, in a polite but firm tone of voice, not only 'why?' but 'why not?'"

Gift subs start at $20 for the first one and then drop to a mere $17 per for any additional ones. And if you order by December 2, we'll make sure that your lucky friend (and don't forget yourself) gets the first issue by Christmas."