Holy Smokes! You Need Booze!


The coffee's not even ready yet and I think we can call off the contest for "most obvious revelation of the day."

For an emerging number of weight-loss surgery patients, giving up comfort food means guzzling Southern Comfort.

Or hitting the mall instead of McDonald's, even though creditors are calling.

Researchers call this behavioral shift "addiction transfer," which means swapping one compulsive act, such as overeating, with another in an attempt to numb emotions or fill an inner void. And mental-health experts say that because bariatric procedures have become more common — and patients more candid — they're seeing increased cases of alcoholism, obsessive shopping, gambling and promiscuity.

Others may use this as an opportunity to inveigh against all bariatric surgeries, but not me. I'll just point out that obesity surgery sites seem to have plenty of modestly obese (like 200-300 pound) patients whose health problems aren't comparable to the dangerously obese patients the surgery was dreamed up for.