Travolta Shrugged


Great science news from France, where the pioneering face transplant subject Isabelle Dinoire has healed beyond expectations.

Professor Devauchelle, from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Amiens, France, told AFP news agency: "Aesthetically, the transplant has fitted in very well with the shape of her face. People who hadn't seen her before her accident now recognise her, which is very interesting.

"When she is in a crowd, she doesn't stick out as 'the transplant patient', and this is important.

Nick Gillespie noted the first stage of Dinoire's progress back in February.

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  1. score one for socialist medicine

  2. score one for secularist medicine

  3. joe,

    Have you ever considered the possibility that Dan T.’s mega-troll retardbot posts are really the product of an attempt to make an extreme parody of your positions?

    If this so, I am offend for your sake. We have few political positions in common, but I respect your opinions and you do perform a valuable service in keeping this board from turning into a libertarian echo chamber or an extended GOP talking point.

    Other posters… the next time you feel the need to chide joe harshly, I humbly implore you, as a long-time lurker, to consider instead the works of Dan T. and despair.

    Yes, I know… “Please Don’t Feed The Trolls.” I’m sorry I had to throw a fish into the cage in which Dan T. gibbers, but this situation gnaws at my taint.

  4. “THE Frenchwoman who had the first face transplant has signed a deal that could make her tens of thousands of pounds from the sale of photographs and a film of the operation…Under the deal, which could be worth more than ? 100,000, Mme Dinoire will keep all the profits from the sale of the photographs and the film after deducting Mr Hughes’s costs and the fees of the agency distributing his work.” –December 8, 2005 London Times article

    Score ? 100,000 for capitalism!

  5. I don’t even see Dan T’s posts.

    So, you know, life is good.

  6. ? 100,000 can buy one hell of a lot of sleeping pills.

  7. mon dieu! MAMA?!?

  8. mediageek,

    It’s a compulsion of mine never to filter comments.

    I’m making no claim of superiority; instead I recognize it as a mildly self-destructive impulse, like winding thread around your finger until it goes blue and numb.

  9. Although the matket to support it is probably too small, a Dan T. filter would be a nice product. An audio disco filter would be even better, but technological problems have prevented me from developing one.

  10. how can posts by particular posters be blocked?

  11. “When she is in a crowd, she doesn’t stick out as ‘the transplant patient’, and this is important.”

    Yes, but whose personality does she have?

  12. Just think of certain posters as a trial, sent by the server squirrels, to test our resolve NOT to respond.

  13. I’m making no claim of superiority; instead I recognize it as a mildly self-destructive impulse, like winding thread around your finger until it goes blue and numb.

    Just remember, aspiring shibari practitioners have to begin somewhere.

    P.S. That movie…eesh

  14. Who did she looke like before, Nicholas Cage or John Travolta?

  15. NoStar,

    She looked like a woman who just had her face eaten off by a dog. Before that, she looked like this.

  16. SugarFree, get a grip. It seems at least 50% of H&R posts are snarky comments making fun of whatever Nick or Radley tells people is outlandishly stupid.

    Every so often, I throw a grenade in the opposite direction, and you guys go from the hipster smartasses to humorless, thin-skinned ninnies.

  17. This is off-topic, but I found out first-hand how real-world experience can kill an illusion.

    I’m talking about the Woo trademark “firing two pistols at once” (though he certainly borrowed this from old westerns). Since Woo brought this back in vogue, you see it countless times in action movies now (along with the sideways lunge in slow-mo).

    Yes, yes, I know, “suspension of disbelief”. But ever since I started to shoot this Hollywood shtick has, to me, gone from way cool to really, really fucking stupid. Firing ONE semi-auto pistol, even when standing still, in good lighting, and lining up your shot, is really fucking hard. Firing TWO while running around? You’re not going to hit anything. Period.

    This probably mostly has to do with it looking “cool”. But the cynic in me believes that it also has to do with leftists in Hollywood who have absolutely no fucking idea how a real-world firearm works. I love it when a “tough guy” like Alec Baldwin is such a bad-ass on screen with a piece, but probably never fired a real sidearm in his life.

  18. Thanks jf,

    She actually looks better now than before the attack.

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