Grabbed by the Purity Balls


Like Katherine, I'm having a hard time getting worked up over the appointment of the abstinence-happy Mr. Keroack to the federal office in charge of family planning. NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez does not share this problem:

Yeah, we can disagree. Maybe you do think AND IT CURES YOUR ACNE TOO ads for contraception are awesome. Well then we do in fact disagree. But there's a whole opining crowd out there that can't think beyond Christianist! Freak! when they hear something like the word "abstinence."

Clarification from the opining slutty birth control patch-baring crowd: I don't think a person who promotes not fucking for a living is a freak per se; I just think he needs a hobby, or maybe a good hooker. At the same time, I generally enjoy it when administrations appoint program heads who  fundamentally oppose the missions of said programs. Everything about this guy screams misogyny, but then, there is something strangely appropriate about a man who thinks people need to be taught how to not have sex helping to run a department full of people who think Americans need to be taught how to put a piece of latex on a penis. And the guy who runs the government office aimed at regulating American sex lives should be creepy.

What I really can't understand is NRO's aversion to the fact that certain birth control pills do in fact cure acne. I had no idea off-label skincare treatments were such a rallying point among social conservatives.

Courtesy of commenter "tarran," learn all about purity balls here.