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Send in the Supernannies!


Brit PM Tony Blair, fresh off calling Iraq a "disaster," is ready for another troop deployment, this time domestically. According to ITV News, in an attempt to undermine "yob culture" in Jolly Olde Englande, Blair is dispatching a special force of "supernannies" to attack the root causes of behavior by adolescents.

A hit-squad of nearly 80 "Supernannies" is to spearhead a new drive to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

The Government is determined to get to the root cause of yob culture and believed that taming unruly children at an early age could be the answer.

Prime Minister Tony Blair is promising £4 million to set up a network of experts to treat the problem.

Mr Blair is also expected to announce plans to force more people to attend parenting classes….

"This should be no surprise given the huge popularity of all those television programmes in which experts help parents with their problem kids," said Mr Blair…

"So I don't believe any Government, particularly one determined to tackle anti-social behaviour, can ignore parents' cry for help."

Mr Blair said he wanted experts appointed in 77 areas, adding: "The nanny state argument applied to this is just rubbish. No-one's talking about interfering in a normal family life.

"But life isn't normal if you've got 12-year-olds out every night drinking and creating a nuisance on the street with their parents either not knowing or not caring.

"In these cases, a bit of nannying with sticks and carrots is what the local community needs."

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