Apparently, "Heartland with John Kasich" Wasn't Supposed To Be Satire


File this under "ideas destined to be killed off quicker than a migrant worker on Bill O'Reilly's lawn."

Fox News Channel might air two episodes of a "Daily Show"-like program with a decidedly nonliberal bent on Saturday nights in late January, with the possibility that it could become a weekly show for the channel.

The half-hour show is executive produced by "24's" Joel Surnow and Manny Cota and creator Ned Rice, who previously wrote for "Politically Incorrect" and "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" through This Just In Prods. It would take aim at what Surnow calls "the sacred cows of the left" that don't get made as much fun of by other comedy shows.

"It's a satirical news format that would play more to the Fox News audience than the Michael Moore channel," Surnow said. "It would tip more right as 'The Daily Show' tips left."

Since Laura Ingraham's name isn't mentioned, it sounds like the network passed on "Watch This Right Now" while fishing around for a show along the same lines. It also sounds like the brains don't watch "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report," or read The Onion. The Left may have sacred cows, but lefty comedians don't. The Democrats in power are doubtlessly going to provide more opportunity for humor than the Democrats out of power, but if Dennis Miller's abysmal, bitch-bashing screed against Nancy Pelosi is any guide, it's going to take a major attitude shift for Fox News-style righties to find that humor.