Cashmere Libre


A new GAO report is scoring Cuban democracy advocates for blowing millions of dollars from USAID.

The GAO conducted "limited testing" of 10 programs and found "questionable expenditures" and "significant control weaknesses" in three. None of the 36 recipients of USAID and State Department grants was identified in the report.

One recipient, the GAO says, used USAID funds to purchase a gas chainsaw, Nintendo Gameboys and Sony PlayStations, a mountain bike, leather coats, cashmere sweaters, crab meat and Godiva chocolates.

The Guardian has more quotes that don't reflect terrifically on the guys doing the spending – their argument comes down to "it gets cold in Cuba sometimes" and "we spread this stuff around so people get jealous of America." If the Democratic majority ever gets tired of investigating whether Karl Rove had a Joe Wilson voodoo doll, perhaps they can check this out.