Reason Podcasts: Scott McConnell and Daniel McCarthy


The American Conservative's Scott McConnell and Daniel McCarthy showed up at Jim Webb's victory rally, so I hauled out the trusty Belkin and recorded a five minute interview.

Check out the magazine's editorial "GOP Must Go," which I make reference to at the start of the chat. And chase that down with Daniel McCarthy's review of a John Wilkes biography which ran in Reason this summer.

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  1. American Conservative and Reason are the two political mags I subsribe too. They are the least predictable and often full of quite thoughtful material. They've spoiled me actually, I just can't even look at the stuff those hacks at National Review, Weekly Standard or American Prospect. They just publish talking points.

  2. Unfortunately, The American Conservative is guilty of the same lack of insight on immigration and Border Security that they accuse Bush of in terms of the War on Terror.

    There is no Border Security. There's a 30 billion dollar a year black market drug trade that flows over the Mexican Border into the US. There's no securing the borders with this volume of black market drug trade, and to the extent that the US government actually tried to seriously secure the border in terms of the military, it would be an utter disaster that would hit home far worse than Iraq.

  3. Reason podcasts are a terrific idea, and this would've been a fascinating discussion. But the off-the-cuff questions and poor sound quality make it somewhat painful to listen to.

    Please please please continue with the idea of podcast, but please also try to make the a bit more structured and professional.

  4. 123 - Like I said, I just happened to run into McConnell and McCarthy. Future podcats will be less impromptu.

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