Friday Fun Link: A Rumsfeld Retrospective


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  1. Good riddance!

  2. where’s the missing link?

  3. That’s the problem with zen humor, you can never be sure it’s a joke (there is no fun-link, because Rummy sucked) or just a missing link.

  4. Penn’s radio show on Wednesday was great. Callers told stories about Rummy that Penn made them “swear to God” were true. Lots of stories about kinky sex and drug use. They called it “libel Wednesday.”

  5. Rumsfeld is the missing link.

  6. booo. money back.

  7. Wait… you mean to tell me it’s not Friday?

  8. what software are you using? all i can see is a blank area. If i put my cursor over the blank area i get a message “Click to activate and use this control”. not sure if i need ActiveX controls, but this is the 2nd time this week i’ve noticed the same issue with this blog. can you switch to a different program or provide guidance for folks like myself & JSFan.

    thx, t.c.

  9. You need to run ActiveX controls to play the YouTube video within the page.

  10. That was absolutely hilarious, and really well constructed. Props.

  11. I actually thought it was real until he started to roll the joint.

  12. tarylcabot — Commenters who decline to start their sentences with capital letters are denied links. It is just retribution on behalf of readers frustrated by the added eye effort they must expend to determine where your sentences begin and end. Reform or face a life without links!

  13. You do not need ActiveX for Youtube. Youtube is just flash. Works with any OS or browser.

  14. That was hilarious (CapitalMan pls note capital letters…hope this content free comment was worth your I effort).

  15. Missing link? The paper chain of dolls had all the required links.

  16. I thought he laid down his arms this week.

  17. The clear message from the Rumsfel firing is if you buck the system, if you’re too politically incorrect, if you piss off the liberal media, you’re “Outta here” from the Beltway.

    Better to have mundane humorless, politically correct buearacrats running the place than someone who’s a bit tough with the media, and who actually has a sense of humor.

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