Where's the Beer?


Eric O'Keefe and John Tillman, two veterans of Americans for Limited Government, are forming the Sam Adams Alliance. The former group, whose big issues are property rights, fiscal restraint, "judicial reform," and school choice, "work[s] with local groups, using the direct initiative process to make serious changes in public policy and put the people back in charge of state politics." The latter group, whose big issues are property rights, fiscal restraint, "and more," aims to be "the premier networking station for citizen volunteers, donors, and local leaders who want to make real change and put citizens back in charge of government." It sounds like the alliance may have more of a local focus, but since its website won't be up and running for a couple months, it's hard to be sure. Also unclear: whether the name is intended to elicit financial support from Jim Koch or to attract confused college students looking for a party.