The Green Felt Revolution: Fizzle or Sizzle?


John Kyl appears to have won by nearly the double-digit margin he was polling at early in the campaign. However, in a real surprise, Iowa Republican, longtime gambling foe, and career House member Jim Leach went down in Iowa. Leach was the sponsor of the House version of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Act. Cosponsors Charlie Bass (NH) and J.D. Hayworth (AZ) also lost. I believe a few other co-sponsors also lost. That said, I doubt poker backlash played a large part in Leach's defeat. But who knows. He seems to have faltered in the polls rather dramatically over the last few weeks.


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  1. Radley, I think you just may have overestimated the willingness of a bunch of obese, lethargic, online-poker slugs to actually get up from their computer, get dressed, travel to the polling place, and cast their vote.

    Outside of that, most people don’t gamble online, and most people also don’t sway their vote based on things that don’t directly affect them. “First, the came for the online poker, and I said nothing…”

  2. Evan, Wil Wheaton makes plenty of money through online poker (PokerStars) and he’s neither obese nor lethargic. . . nor are most of the other online poker players. If you want to go with stereotypes, it seems the State Lottery junkies fit your description far better than the online poker players.

    If I’d been in any district where I could have voted the smackdown on those nanny-state dinks, I would have. Alas, I couldn’t even vote for Yarmuth against Northup – or Hill against Sodrel.

    I’m so glad Leach is out. I wrote to him more than once and got typical b.s. responses each time. . . “Oh, we’ve found far fewer meth labs since we started cracking down. . . ” Sure you have, Jimmy. How’re you enjoying the Mexican variety, now? Good riddance to bad rubbish in the state of Idiots Out Wandering Around.

    I didn’t vote for our LP House candidate, because I didn’t think Houillion was altogether worthy. And I couldn’t in good conscience vote for Ken Lucas, either. So alas, Geoff Davis got my vote.

  3. Wil Wheaton makes plenty of money through online poker (PokerStars) and he’s neither obese nor lethargic.

    Wesley Crusher?

  4. “nor are most of the other online poker players.”

    Done a scientific poll, have we? It was tongue-in-cheek anyway…like that South Park ep on WoW. Reeeeelaaaaaxxxxx…

  5. Yes, Wesley Crusher. And Gordie. Boggling, ain’t it?

    And yes, Evan, it was quite scientific – I do, after all, have a PhD. So everything I do is scientific 🙂 Silly boy, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek, too. Alas, if we’d gotten to know each other over at Radley’s blog, we’d’ve had a good read on each other already.

  6. Leach lost? Good!

  7. At least 3 sponsors of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Act lost their stacks. The game just got better.

  8. I did vote against Leach because of that gaming act and I don’t even play. That, and that slug has been in office for 30 years. Good riddance.

  9. Hawk Fan,

    I should correct myself. With the ouster of Leach it’s clear that Iowa isn’t entirely comprised of Idiots Out Wandering Around 🙂

  10. The only reason that Leach lost was that he was a Republican.

    Dems outnumber Reps in registration 2 to 1; IA – 02 went for Kerry in 2004 55%.

    It was a refreshingly polite and positive campaign from both candidates. There were no scandals and the on-line gambling issue got zero play.

    Loebsack’s campaign sign message was “Had Enough?” Apparently they had.

  11. I wonder if Bill Bennett voted against anyone based on their online gambling stance? I tell you with hypocrits and bigots these days you never can tell..

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