From the Confetti Room Floor


The results of some elections that aren't making the network A-rolls:

– Joe Biden's son Beau will be the next attorney general of the state of Delaware.
– Andrew "Mario's kid" Cuomo will be New York's attorney general. (See a pattern?)
– Raj Bhaka—the former Apprentice contestant who rented elephants and a mariachi band to march them around the Rio Grande in a "border security" PR event— lost by a more than 2-1 margin.
– Vernon Robinson, the progenitor of those wonderful "illegal aliens will burn the flag while raping you" ads, got creamed, also by a 2-1 margin.
– Paul Nelson, who plagiarized Robinson's ads because they were just so impressive, also lost 2-1.
– Diana Irey, who raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from conservatives who wanted to "redeploy Jack Murtha," got pasted by the doughy Vietnam vet.


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  1. Ha ha, suck it Bhaka.
    I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have been one of his constituents, but his demagoguery and his bowtie infuriate me.

  2. I thought Bhaka’s border stunt was Borat-level funny. You have to admit, leading an elephant and a mariachi band across the Rio Grande in plain view of lots of people makes the point that border security is a joke.

  3. I thought Bhaka was great, he was one of the few Republicans I was actually hoping would win last night. A shame, that.

    In other news, Stephanie Herseth set a new record for a Democrat in South Dakota politics, trouncing her opponent with a 40-point spread… and that’s not the only spread I wouldn’t mind seeing from the lovely Rep. Herseth…

  4. – Joe Biden’s son Beau will be the next attorney general of the state of Delaware.
    – Andrew “Mario’s kid” Cuomo will be New York’s attorney general. (See a pattern?)

    Yep, people love legacy candidates.

  5. Yeah legacies are great. Just think of all their elders did for us and what great things the new gene pool from the old gene pool will do for us now. We are just so lucky.

    Tell me why did Hillary Clinton have to spend 30 million to defeat someone who wasn’t even polling close? But rest assured when you vote her in as president she will be tight on congressional spending. Right?

    Only a dem could spend 30 million to get re-elected in a campaign that basically had no challenger.

    Reminds me of Dean in 04 saying he would balance the budget. Then before the election he was begging his supporters for more money after leaving the race to pay off his campaign debt. Yep this guy was a sure bet to balance the national budget if he had been elected.

  6. “Beau Biden”? Why, oh why, would one inflict such a moniker upon a poor defensless a kid?

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