Webb Looking Good


Webb's up by 1 percent with 24 percent of the vote counted.  Interestingly, that includes none of the very liberal and very populous city of Arlington.  Also, exit polls show Webb with a 13-point lead among women.  The Allen campaign was hammering Webb as a sexist, and was staying close in the campaign by virtually erasing the gender gap.  If women go back to Webb in the numbers they usually vote for Democrats, Allen's in big trouble.


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  1. “If women went back to Webb in the numbers they usually vote for Democrats, Allen’s in big trouble.”

    Yeah, I’ve found, in my personal life, that whenever women do anything in numbers it usually means trouble. Whether it’s ’cause they find me irresistible or they’re mad at me or a little of both, I find that it’s just better not to deal with them in droves.

    …although I don’t always get to pick–some of ’em have a mind of their own.

  2. LOL, Ken. No safety in those numbers.

    Anyway, Eschaton linked to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s official page. Look at this:

    With aboutg 37% reporting, and a little over 695,000 votes in, the candidates were tied at 49.39%. Right down to the hundreth of a percent.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to court.

  3. Not any more.


  4. Just kidding about my enthusiasm, btw, I think Webb would be great as a moderate Democrat over Allen, but with almost 49% of the vote in, Allen is up by 2.5%.

  5. Wow, really, Joe? Are those polls closed yet in Virginia? This woman was completely disgusted by Allen and would have voted for a ham sandwich rather than that jerk.

    There are gonna be some sleepy East Coast folks on Reason tomorrow.

  6. And 3%. I think Democrats who saw a slamdunk with Allen are about to get a taste of reality. Much like the wasted money spent on unseating Lieberman, the money would have been better spent getting a firm majority in the House.

  7. NBC is reporting that Santorum has lost.

  8. Now the gap is 20,000 votes (with 57.47% of the precincts reporting); that is Allen is up 20,000 votes.

  9. I don’t recall anyone describing Virginia a slam dunk for the Democrats. I always saw it listed at or near the bottom of pickup opportunities, along with Tennessee.

  10. joe,

    Considering the posts by some of the reason writers here, I’d assumed Allen was dead in the water (I’m looking at you, David Weigel).

  11. VA SEN [57.47% IN]
    ALLEN 629,330 50.20%
    WEBB 609,220 48.59%

    at 8:47 EST

    Looks like your going 0-2 Randy.

  12. TPG,

    A character on South Park?

  13. When he seperates from his wife – best episode ever.

  14. Considering the posts by some of the reason writers here, I’d assumed Allen was dead in the water

    Well when you consider, as joe said, that it had, until recently, been considered a long-shot, at best, for Dems and in the closing weeks Allen’s idiocy managed to turn it into a close race I don’t think you can blame anyone at Reason for thinking that – he pretty much looked like he was dead in the water. Most polls and predictions I saw the last few days had Webb pulling ahead.

  15. I know this is super technical, but Arlington is actually a county and not a city. Doesn’t make too much difference but I thought I’d chime in with that.

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