Lieberman Tie-Breaker?


Let's say that the it turns out that Webb wins two weeks hence (recount) and the Senate is 49/51. Lieberman says that he plans to caucus with the Democrats, but will he? Desperate Republicans would urge him to pull a Jeffords and promise to give him whatever committee chairmanship he wanted. That way the Senate is 50/50 and Vice-President Cheney breaks the tie. On the other hand Webb could just lose and we will be not change this particular channel on our long national nightmare.

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  1. Nah. Dems picked up the states I expected they would; now they’ll win either MO or MT, but probably not both. Sorry to see Webb lose, though, he really deserved it.

  2. Sorry to see Webb lose, though, he really deserved it.

    He did indeed deserve to lose. But the other guy deserved it even more.

  3. As my editor says “”The Important Thing Is That the American People Are Going To Lose”

  4. Thoreau: ouch!

    I’m not sure I’d say Webb’s done yet, though. Unless you’ve seen something I haven’t, the race is still too close to call. Or at least within what I’m told is forced-recount distance.

  5. My gut instinct is that If Lieberman switches, the Democrats lean very, very hard on Olympia Snowe. To what result, I have no idea.

  6. WHOOPS– What I meant earlier was that Webb deserved to WIN, and that I was sorry to see him lose. OOPS.

  7. It would be interesting for Lieberman to switch, as the only thing he seems to have in common with (fewer and fewer) Republicans was an unwavering faith in the Iraq war. On just about every other issue, he’s been a very traditional big govt. Democrat. If it means the Repubs will be jettisoning the whack Christian crowd for a true bigger tent, I’d say it’s a step in the right direction. If it means, however, that the Repubs will be adopting even more big govt ideas, I say out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  8. Does Connecticut have a recall provision? If Lieberman changes parties after promising not to for the last three months, he should be removed from office.

  9. Does anyone else think Lieb is the surprise story of the night? Nice to see the nutbag wing of the Dem party get trounced. Unfortunately, though, by a warmonger.

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