The networks are projecting a win for Lieberman in Connecticut.

Lieberman's had quite a journey.  Months ago, he was shamed in his own party's primary, and possibly looking at the end of his political career.  Should the Senate end in a tie, or with a two-seat lead for the Democrats, the least libertarian member of the U.S. Senate could soon be the most powerful man in Congress.


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  1. Wow, that email comments thingy was kinda nifty for the 45 seconds it was up.

  2. MSNBC projects a win for Whitehouse over Chafee.

  3. I will cry if Joe Lieberman wins.
    I will cry real tears if both Liberman and Allen win.
    I will cry real tears and tear out a bit of hair if Lieberman, Allen and Kyl win.

    My only consolations thus far tonight have been the downfalls of Ann Northup and Mike Sodrel.

    Yes, I know, apropos of not much, at least in respect to “Joementum”, but I had to get it out of my system. Please forgive me.

  4. With Santorum gone, Lieberman is now the most powerful religious fanatic in the Senate.

  5. I did my part and voted against him. The AP has already called the race for Lieberman, with only 4% of the precincts reporting. Does anyone know how that’s possible?

  6. Does anyone know how that’s possible?

    Exit polls.

  7. The Hit & Run prognosticators buried Lieberman a few short months ago. Put a stake through his heart and shot him with a silver bullet for good measure. Gloated over his demise for several days. Spoke of him in the past tense. How’s that crow taste? Kinda gamey? Hee hee.

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