Babyface Finster (Middle East Edition)


Reader M sends along news of the latest triumph in no-fly lists:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AHN)—The name of a two-year-old boy was listed on the country's list of wanted suspects. He was briefly banned from getting on a plane bound for Turkey.

The details on the toddler's passport had been the same as those in an arrest warrant, even the date of birth.

"While going through the passport checking procedures to get on board, one of the officers on duty said they wanted to take Suhail," Emirates Today quoted the boy's father, Abdullah Mohamed Saleh, as saying.

"I thought he was kidding me and said 'Take him if you want'," he said. "He showed me a print-out of a document that said Suhail was wanted and there was an arrest warrant for him."

Officials said they would investigate the cause of the mix-up.

More here.

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  1. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief over here.

  2. Are security people all over the world crazy? Couldn’t the agent(s) that walked up and saw the kid gone back to their boss and said, “That’s not the guy, he’s only two years old”; why did they have to prove it? And you know that the ‘real guy’ is flying under a fake name (if he is a terrorist).

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