Reason Says "Jump," Virginians Ask "How High?"


On Friday, Reason's Virginia-registered editors—Radley Balko, Ronald Bailey, and me—announced that we were supporting Jim Webb over Republican George Allen in Virginia's Senate race. SurveyUSA polled voters that day, Saturday and Sunday, and surprise—they find Webb pulling ahead.

The survey shows Webb with 52% of the likely voters, with 44% going to Allen.

In five previous SurveyUSA tracking polls, the race was a virtual tie with Allen slightly ahead.  Other late polls show the race much closer.  A Mason-Dixon poll released over the weekend had Webb ahead by a point, and a Gallup poll released today has Allen up by three.

The SurveyUSA poll also shows 42% support for the Marriage Amendment, but with 22% still uncertain over how they'll vote.  Thirty-six percent say they'll vote against it.

Reasonoids oppose the marriage amendment, too. In a bit of a surprise, it's sinking below the 50 percent mark.