May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung, may you be in Heaven an hour before the Devil knows you're dead, and may gentle be all your steps as you walk beyond this valley…


Friday was my last day at Reason, and I've just been finishing up last stuff and getting ready to be fitted with my MSM subcutaneous microchip. So let me say what a privilege it has been working at Reason these past four years. This was a truly fantastic place to work, and I leave with too many regrets to mention. Among other things, it pains me to be taking off just as we finally have our brand-spankin' new CMS, with a more responsive Hit & Run and an all-around better and more manageable site. For this achievement I should publicly thank Mike Alissi, the mysterious Pierce Inverarity figure who quietly makes just about everything happen at Reason. I'm just sorry I only got a week to play on the new site.

The great Radley Balko and "Delaware" Dave Weigel will be expertly serving up the Reason you've come to know and loathe love, and will undoubtedly cause you to forget I was ever here within a matter of hours. I've been honored to work with all the Reason staff and to edit myself into trouble under Nick Gillespie, who is what Rupert Pupkin would call a great artist, a great innovator, and a great great loss. Every former employee hopes to see his old bosses brought to ruin so he can claim that he was the indispensable element, but in my case I hope Reason soars to ever greater orbits of world domination and pan-galactic comity.

Finally, all my love to you, the fabulous little people. A quality publication is about great readers as well as great writers, and it's a too-rare pleasure to write for a readership that is engaged, informed, argumentative, and prone to understanding jokes. To both the regular commenters and the great lurking masses, I say thank you. I very much hope to see you at the L.A. Times, and I fully expect to keep seeing you at Reason.


NEXT: William Styron, R.I.P.

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  1. peace out man

  2. This is sad. By the way, who are you?

  3. Good luck! You will be missed.

  4. Tim, I’m sorry that I commented less frequently of late. Well, you were awesome here, and I’m sure you’ll do great at LAT. Try to pop your head in here from time to time!

  5. Even though it’s sad that we’re parting, I know you and Matt Welch will help shape the LAT into a respectable paper, or something like it. If not, maybe you can help run some of their leftist baggage off with your overt right-wing fanatical beliefs.

    See you in hell, you quitter.

  6. Thanks again and best of luck–I expect to see witty Star Trek references revolutionize the style of the LAT.

  7. Sheesh Tim,
    First it was Lebanon and now LA. Couldn’t you find someplace safe for you and your family to be?

    Good Luck, and I hope the new job brings you many challenges and much enjoyment.

  8. I hope you have fun at the LAT. Be sure to drop a line or two in the future for us little people. Later.

  9. Bye, Tim. You’ll be missed. (PS: The first time I accessed the article, I didn’t see a byline, hence my earlier comment.)

  10. Good luck and best wishes, though I must say that I, for one, am not a leprechaun.

  11. To the titans we are all leprechauns.

    Vale atque salve!

  12. you shall be missed, dear mr. cavanaugh.

  13. Ah, will you be a Tribune employee? If so, it’ll be just in time to see the whole company get merged, or publishing get cut loose.

    Best of luck.

  14. You’ll be missed.

  15. Thanks Tim. All the best to you and Yours. Have good time at the LAT. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you.
    Sometimes I hate change!

  16. See you here among the little people Tim.

    If anyone is interested, the San Jose Mercury News had a front page article on, and interview with, Milton Friedman in today’s business section. The half page graphic prominently displayed the L word.

  17. Happy Trails, Tim.

  18. The best of luck in all your endeavors. I admire all much of your work.

  19. The word all was supposed to be stricken through. Oh, well.

  20. But only the second instance of the word all.

  21. Tim, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your insight and humor hear at H&R over the last few years. I for one will truly miss your presence here. But best of luck to you all the same.

  22. All Hail Minister of Free Journalisms in make success for venture with Lost Angels Federation for Times and Seasons! You like very much! We like too!

  23. peace out, time

  24. I hope the LA Times doesn’t know what hit it!

  25. Fabulous little people? Fuck you.

  26. ‘Tween you an Matt over at the L.A.T., the paper just might stand a chance.

    BTW, Tim, you never responded… are we back in agreement that the capital of France is Paris?

  27. Dude…..Do you have to move?

    Truly sorry to see you go. Tip of the glass, and all that stuff.

  28. Tim, you’re a joy to read. But I won’t feel quite as bad about your departure if it means that a larger audience will be exposed to your thoughts. I’m getting misty. Be healthy and prosperous, Tim.

  29. So mah Main Man Tim be leavin’ da Kitten Run Bog at for da Laws-an’-de-Last-Times. Fuh real. So you iz finish wit’ da shaved animal porn racin’ an you’s goin’ straight wit’ da Law for be ready when d’Apocalypse come?

    Word up.

  30. Sl?n abhaile, Tadg!


  31. T’be sure, may the Lord bless ye & hold ye in the palm of His hand, even if ye doan’t bless Him, now.

  32. Damn it, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

  33. Tim,

    You will be missed! I wish you all the best. Now I can say that Reason just went downhill after the Cavanaugh years.

  34. Good luck.

  35. Good luck at your new gig Tim – I hope it is even more successful than your time here at Reason was.

  36. Good-bye. Do well. Maybe you and Matt Welch can turn southern California into a libertarian Mecca, who knows?

  37. You just had to take a swipe at my height before leaving, sheesh.
    Ah well, good luck and all that.

  38. Don’t think of it as leaving, think of it as missionary work.

  39. …and will undoubtedly cause you to forget I was ever here within a matter of hours.

    Not a chance. Godspeed, dude…

  40. Nick’s snide witticism quota just got a whole lot bigger.

    In all seriousness, though, I did appreciate the smug nature of Tim’s many postings. Someone’s gotta fill that void.

  41. Tim, you will be missed.

    Your stuff is one of the main reasons I subscribed to the print mag.

  42. Good luck with your new job. Sorry things didn’t work out.

  43. Good-bye. Do well. Maybe you and Matt Welch can turn southern California into a libertarian Mecca, who knows?

    Mmm, haven’t seen much evidence of that yet. I *am* considering subscribing to the Times, though. Give them the ‘ol positive reinforcement treatment, to show my approval of their recent hirings. If only they would get Matt to write their sports columns, too, then that would be heaven.

  44. Mmm, haven’t seen much evidence of that yet. I *am* considering subscribing to the Times, though.

    Well, right-wingers like to say that Americans cannot think for themselves, but only think what the media tells them to. For example, the media has brainwashed us into thinking Iraq is a less-than-stellar success. So now that the LA Times has libertarians at the helm, the sheep of Los Angeles will have no choice but to march in lockstep with the libertarian individualist tradition.

    Unless (perish the thought!) the right-wingers bitching about the MSM’s mind-control techniques are full of shit.


  46. Good luck at the times Tim. Sorry to see you go; you were one of my favorites.

  47. Tim!

    Fare thee well, sir. Sorry to see you go — you’re one of the good ones. But best of luck to you at your new gig.

    If there were only some way to play track 23 of the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack for Season One. There’s a song there, with bagpipes, sung in Gaelic by some Irish guy with a deep voice, that would be rather fitting for this moment. “Wander My Friends.” The lyrics alone don’t do it, or the mood, justice.

    (in Gaelic)
    Siulaigi a chairde, siulaidh liom
    Mar cheo an tsleibhe uaine ag
    imeacht go deo
    D’ainneoin ar dtuirse leanfam an tsli
    Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta
    go deireadh na scrib’

    Seo libh a chairde is canaidh liom
    Lionaigi’n oiche le greann is le sport
    Seo slainte na gcarad ata imithe uainn
    Mar cheo an tsleibhe uaine, iad imithe go deo

    (English translation)
    Wander my friends, wander with me
    Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally
    Despite our weariness, we’ll follow the road
    Over hills and valleys, to the end of the journey

    Come on my friends and sing with me
    Fill the night with joy and sport
    Here’s a health to the friends who have gone from us
    Like the mist of the green mountain, gone forever [?]

    (All SF nerds and lovers of music that need not be rock: Pick up a copy of the Season 1 soundtrack. Lots of good music there. I’ve only been able to catch a few of the actual episodes, but I’m really digging the music. I also commend tracks 5, 7, 11 and 19 to your attention.)

    Fare thee well, Tim.

  48. Sorry I am late on this here bandwagon, but may the wind be to your back and may you win the hearts and minds of the country.

    Eh, whatever. Just come back from time to time, unlike Mr. Welch.

  49. good luck, Tim. you’ll be missed, although now that you’re a member of the REAL MSM, you already seem less trustworthy to me.

  50. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  51. “Friday was my last day at Reason”


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