Weekend Post-Apocalyptic Fun Promotion


The world must know: the latest issue (#4) of Apocalypse Nerd is out, by Reason's favorite comic book artist, Peter Bagge. It's the darkly comic tale of what happens to a computer industry nerd and his pal in the pacific Northwest after Kim Jong-Il nukes Seattle. It gets more horribly unsettling, and simultaneously more hilarious, with each issue.

As an extra added political bonus, Apocalypse Nerd features Peter's continuing series of strips based on the lives and times of America's founding fathers, which manages to be both solidly factual and dryly hilarious. One of this issue's selections: "The Beantown Boys in 'Let's Fuck Shit Up!'", starring Sam Adams, James Otis, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and John Adams–featuring the senses-shattering origin of the Boston Tea Party. Hie thee to the nearest comic book shop and have at it.

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