Cookie Monsters


You can't get through a week these days without seeing some pundit revive the accusation that Democrats once bombarded Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, a black Republican now running for the Senate, with oreo cookies. The charge is pretty dubious, to judge from reports filed by Andy Green in the Baltimore Sun and Gadi Dechter in the Baltimore City Paper, and Steele himself says merely that he saw "one or two" cookies on the floor near his feet. But the story is politically useful, especially now that Republicans have learned to play the victimization game as capably as any differently abled lesbian of color.

All of which is just my excuse to link to a peculiar piece of cultural history. It comes from Vegetable Soup, a mid-'70s kids' show produced by the New York State Education Department. And it's…um, just watch it. If activists did toss an oreo or two Steele's way, it might be because they saw too much PBS when they were little.

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  1. Are you saying that somebody may have bombarded him with a substance containing trans-fats?

  2. Differently abled lesbian of color…


  3. Somebody threw a vanilla wafer and a saltine at me on my way to work this morning. I wonder if he was trying to say something.

  4. Come on Jesse, “just a couple of oreos at his feet.” I don’t know what the truth is I wasn’t there and I haven’t followed it. But, if someone did put oreos at this guy’s feet, that is pretty disgraceful. Are you defending that kind of behavior? Is “well they didn’t throw them at him”, the best you could do? I guess Hank Aaron wasn’t a victim either, they only called him the N word and gave him death threats to the mail, its not like they showed up at Fulton County Stadium and burned a cross or anything.

  5. Never trust a man whats made uh trans fats.

  6. Oreos…Mmmmmmmmm…..

  7. Get off your high horse, John. It’s not even clear that the version Steele offered later (“one or two” cookies spotted on the floor, and he isn’t sure how they got there) is accurate, but even that is a far cry from the charge that he was “pelted” or “bombarded,” as Republican pundits routinely claim today, usually in the context of making broad assertions about the behavior of the Democratic Party. Let alone, as Steele’s spokesman put it at the time, that “It was raining Oreos. They were thick in the air like locusts.”

  8. Obviously they were stealth Oreos only visible to desperate Republicans.

    Probably a product of Saddam’s famed Stealth Cookies Weapons program.

  9. When it comes to hate speech in the form of food, which group do you think has it the worst? My vote is for fat people. You can throw both fatty foods and dietary ones and get the same message across. The possibilities are endless. Which brings me to my next question, how much consideration should one give to variety when deciding whom to hate?

  10. The YouTube clip had a link to this forgotten adventure of Spiderman. It has nothing to do with the topic.

  11. Thank god that my beloved Hydrox have avoided this scandal.

    Of course, they’re not even made anymore – Keebler, a pox on your Droxies! – but no one ever accused them of being false to their origins …

  12. A cookie is a sometimes scandal.

  13. Ah! Where was YouTube when I went through my “Vegetable Soup” phase six months ago? Now I can finally watch avocado being made via cartoon, and puppets going to outer space.

    If only “Villa Alegre” got the same respect.

  14. If the Republicans had gotten as good at playing the victim and race cards as their opponents, don’t you think it would have worked at least once by now?

    They keep trying, but conservatives can’t play a decent race card to save their lives. This is because the gambit depends on the speaker actually having some degree of credibility on the subject of race/gender/religious oppression or whatnot.

    Spending 360 days a year declaring that too many black people are being “unfairly” admitted to college, and then turning around and posing as the love child of Malcom X and Bella Abzug on the other 5 doesn’t exactly turn out the No Justice No Peace crowd.

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