Arizona to McCain: Drop Dead


It's not surprising that John McCain, in his attempt to win over skeptical social conservatives, is campaigning for a losing gay marriage ban in Arizona. What's surprising is that there's a losing gay marriage ban in Arizona.

The amendment may need McCain's superstar help. An Arizona State University Cronkite-Eight Poll released last month found voters are poised to reject the measure. According to veteran ASU pollster Bruce Merrill's statewide survey, 56 percent of respondents said they'd vote no, 30 percent said they'd vote yes and 1 percent was undecided.

Since marriage definitions in other states are expected to pass, can anyone explain why this one might fail? And how weak does McCain look if he stumps for a losing gay marriage ban the same year his state loses one to three Republican congressmen to the hated Homocrats? (One of those seats, by the way, belonging to out gay Republican Jim Kolbe. Viva irony!)