Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh


Razor blades in your apples? How quaint. Here's something to get worked up about: What if the sex offender down the street slips some rohypnol into your kid's candy? Hell, what if he puts a pumpkin on his porch?

The AP reports:

Sex offenders on probation or parole in Tennessee are banned from Halloween costume parties this year and aren't even allowed to put up decorations like jack-o-lanterns that might attract youngsters.

The new state guidelines are meant to clarify policies that prevent offenders from interacting with children, said Board of Probation and Parole spokesman Jack Elder, and were not enacted in response to any specific problems the board has seen during the Halloween season.

Tennessee isn't the only state keeping close watch on sex offenders during Halloween….Maryland has even told sex offenders on parole or probation to keep their porch lights turned off Tuesday night.

The Tennessee rules "apply to all sex offenders on probation or parole — about 2,000 of the 8,100 registered offenders living in the state — and not specifically to those offenders whose crimes involved minors." Because our children can never be too safe.