Dick Armey Explains Why the GOP Deserves To Lose Big Next Week


In yesterday's Washington Post, retired GOP muckety-muck Dick Armey, now the leader of the activist group Freedom Works, tells the Republicans exactly why they deserve to lose their majority:

The leadership must remember that the modern conservative movement is a fusion of social and fiscal conservatives united in their belief in limited government. The party must keep both in the fold. Republicans also need to get back to being the party of big ideas. The greatest threat to American prosperity today is a catastrophic fiscal meltdown resulting from long-term entitlements. Democrats have already lined up behind the solution of raising taxes and reducing benefits. But Americans want more freedom and choice in education, health care and retirement security. Republicans—too busy dreaming up wedge issues to score cheap points against Democrats—have lost sight of their broad national agenda.

Whole thing, well worth reading, here.

Back in 1997, Reason interviewed Armey when he was still majority leader of the House of Representatives.

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