At least he didn't use the f-word


Reader "Chilli" emails a review. Cavanaugh garbologists are welcome to speculate on what, if anything, he or she is responding to:

F_____ you, you smegma eating far right jerkoff! I hope you're happy that your Republican morons put Hitler in the White House. And yes, I'm a liberal, you fascist—with three honorable discharges and service in the Korean War. Now, why don't you telll me how many DC solons (Republicans) served in the military? There's a sheet going around that tell you. And how about your Bush baby dodging military service in Vioet Nam? You people must come out of the womb screamingh Nazi propaganda! Drop dead—please!

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  1. “Smegma” is clearly a reference to your well-known admiration for all things H.P. Lovecraft, because there’s no plausible starting point for that derivation otherwise. I suspect it is something that one ritually consumes before summoning Yog-Sothoth.

  2. I hate to be the guy to point this out to you, Shannon, but this is smegma.

  3. Wow, no kidding. I think the Lovecraft connection can still work, though.

  4. I’m guessing Chilli is a really big Jimmy Stewart fan and discovered your slam on “Its a Wonderful Life”

  5. I came out of the womb screaming Rothbardian Anarchist propaganda.

  6. FWIW, he did finish with “please.”

  7. Maybe he didn’t like the site redesign. It is kind of Nazi-ish. “What with the singing and the dancing, Ja.”

  8. Must be an attack on all of Tim’s warmongoring.

  9. Well, it’s still cleverer than anything I have yet to hear on Air America…

  10. “Chilli” says he’s a Korean War Vet with 3 [!?] honorable discharges. [Does that mean he was a reservist who was called up twice?] Korean War service makes this guy in his 70s.

    Best guess is that it was either something Tim said about reforming Social Security or the Veteran’s Administration.

  11. Sounds just like the attack ad I heard on the radio this morning.

  12. “Chilli” has been studying How to Write a Flame of the Week

  13. At least when this guy runs for public office some day no one will be able to publish excerpts from his novels.

  14. I thought Chili was the really extra stupid one from the girl group TLC.

    I love that the Wikipedia entry has a helpful photograph of smegma for those of us with poor visualization skills.

  15. Do you think the photo on Wikipedia was taken by the guy who wrote the page?

  16. Guys, guys, I told you — if we don’t all stop screwing Chilli’s mom, he will eventually snap.

    PS: Next, can we have an e-mail from a conservative that complains about us Clinton-loving liberals and our global-warming hysteria?

    PPS: There is no way in hell that I am going to that Wikipedia page. Thank you for the warning, van.

  17. Stevo with the Mom joke – scores!

  18. But Stevo, it glistens! It really glistens!

  19. Shouldn’t there be a soylent green/smegma joke on this page somewhere?

  20. Discharge it was, though I don’t know if I’d call that email honorable, at least according to Aristotlean criteria.

    But I’m so glad we had this little chat.

  21. Did Robin Williams escape from rehab?

  22. This is amazing. From the Wikipedia article:

    The word “smegma” is one of the most popular words searched for on the World Wide Web. According to a report of the DICT development group, which runs dictionary servers on the Internet, in a several-month period in which over 3 million requests for definitions of words were submitted to their servers, of 100,000 words requested and found in their dictionaries, “smegma” was number 180 in frequency or popularity, i.e. it was in the upper one-fifth of one percent in popularity.

  23. The saddest part is, his spelling is only marginally better than Reason Onliine’s on any given day.

  24. Learn how to spell Lefty Faggot.

  25. Hey, from the recesses of my memory came a word both grosser and more obscure than smegma.

    gleet? /glit/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[gleet] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation

    -noun 1. Pathology. a. a thin, morbid discharge, as from a wound.
    b. persistent or chronic gonorrhea.

    2. Also called nasal gleet. Veterinary Pathology. an inflammation of the nasal passages of a horse, producing a thick discharge.

    gleet (glt) Pronunciation Key
    Inflammation of the urethra resulting from chronic gonorrhea and characterized by a mucopurulent discharge.
    The discharge that is characteristic of this inflammation.

    [Middle English glet, slime, from Old French glette, from Latin glittus, sticky.]
    gleety adj.

  26. The word “smegma” is one of the most popular words searched for on the World Wide Web.

    Increased public awareness of the word might have originally been spurred by the series Red Dwarf, which frequently used “smeg” as a futuristic curse word. For a long time I had no idea what it meant.

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