Governor, You Shoah Look Slim!



Former fatty (and current dark horse presidential candidate) Mike Huckabee has landed in hot water (hot gas?) after joking that he lost his excess avoirdupois thanks to the slimming program of a concentration camp.

"I have just come out of six weeks at a concentration camp held by the Democrat Party of Arkansas in an undisclosed location, making a hostage tape," Huckabee said. "That's why I look that way."

Another politician might try to plead insanity from an overdose of soft drinks or cigarettes—but Huckabee's of a mind to ban both of those things. A better explanation might be that the governor, ironically, is a bit of a lightweight.

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  1. Jesus helped me lose 50 pounds

  2. He was on Imus, and it was a quick comeback

    The thing is inoffensive in any case, except for gotcha speculative value, speculating that somebody will care.

  3. making a joke about concentration camps is so tasteless. I mean, my grandfather died in one …

    he fell out of a guard tower.

  4. What a liar. Everyone knows Shylock cut off many pounds of his flesh.

  5. (Server says: you may not use cutesy heart emoticons in your post! Let me try again…)

    I (heart) Huckabees. Such a strange and clever movie.

    Wait, who’s the scrawny schmuck in the picture? I don’t see anything about him at IMDB…

  6. the article quotes “a spokesman for the National Jewish Democratic Council” as playing the “gotcha” game and calling on Huckabee to resign for “making light of the Holocaust.”

    Someone needs to tell David Goldenberg that concentration camps having nothing to do with the Holocaust existed before, during, and after the Shoah. There were, for example, the original concentration camps, the “reconcentrados,” used by Gov. Weyler in Cuba. There were the camps used by the British in South Africa to deprive the Boer army of its civilian support (the Maoist “ocean” in which the guerrilla “fish” could thrive). There were the American camps in which Japanese civilians were detained. There were camps used by the British to fight the Mau Mau on Kenya and the Chinese Communist insurgency in Malaya. There were the strategic hamlets in Vietnam.

    Maybe some Afrikaaner should get on his high horse and denounce Huckabee for making light of what British Liberal party leader Campbell-Bannerman (rightly) called “methods of barbarism.”

  7. British Liberal party leader Campbell-Bannerman (rightly) called “methods of barbarism.”

    Bah, scapegoats of the empire…

  8. Mr. Weigel,

    Great title.

  9. Okay, he’s a tone-deaf moron; but he’s also from Arkansas. I say we give him a pass.

  10. Hey, thanks for the link. I’d encourage everyone to hop over to the Huckabee blog to learn more about him. I’ll also tell you that, as a former Baptist minister and devout Christian, Mike Huckabee considers the Jewish people to be God’s chosen people. He’s been to Israel at least 9 times, leading groups on tours of biblical sites. There IS not bigger friend to Israel and the Jewish people in American politics today than Mike Huckabee. The National Jewish Democratic Council is just playing politics in a desperate attempt to help the Democratic party in the upcoming elections…and they have attacked a friend in the process. But we forgive them.

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