Attn, DC Reasonoids: Happy Hour Tues., Oct. 24; Say So Long To Tim Cavanaugh & Hello To Radley Balko


We'll be having a Reason Happy Hour on Tuesday, October 24, at the upstairs bar at Dragonfly, 1215 Connecticut Avenue NW, in Washington, DC.

The fun starts at 6.30PM and will go as deep into the night as you make it go.

Some things we're celebrating:


the addition of Radley Balko to our staff as a senior editor, effective October 30. Currently a policy analyst at Cato, a columnist at the Fox News website, and the force behind the excellent blog, The Agitator, Radley is also the author of the great investigative piece in our October issue about Cory Maye, the Mississippi man originally sentenced to death for killing a cop during a no-knock raid. (Radley's work on the case has actually helped Maye gain a reprieve from his death sentence.)

the naming of Reason's Hit & Run as one of the "Top 10 Political Blogs" in the newest issue of Playboy. In naming us as some of "the best brain food on the web," the bunny mag enthuses that Hit & Run is "a fine source for all the latest news on what you're not allowed to do today and a relief from the left-right bickering." For details–and absolutely no pictures!–go here.

november cover small.jpg

the publication of our November issue, featuring the widely discussed cover story, "Attack Ads Are Good For You!", whose author, David Mark, has appeared on C-SPAN, The Daily Show, and other shows to defend good old-fashioned negative campaigning. In fact, catch him tonight doing his negative thing tonight on CNN's Paula Zahn show, around 8PM ET.

Among the things we're not celebrating but will have a drink to anyway because it will dull the misery a little bit:

tim small.jpg

the loss of Reason's longtime web editor and Cthulhu enthusiast Tim Cavanaugh, who is leaving Reason to become the web editor of the Los Angeles Times' opinion page. Tim's contributions to the print and web editions of Reason are massive and incalculable, and he'll be sorely missed. We wish him the best of luck in his new gig, which starts in November. In the meantime, he'll be at Dragonfly next Tuesday and you can buy him a drink and tell him he's making a big mistake in person.

The coordinates again: Tuesday, October 24, 6.30PM, upstairs at Dragonfly, 1215 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

Special note: If you would like to be added to Reason's Evite list for DC-area events, please send an email to this address.