Screw the Lilies of the Field; Vote Republican!


Rush Limbaugh's brother David–the Ozzie Canseco of pundits–has had it with so-called Christian Republicans such as former Sen. John Danforth (R-Mo.) who question the religious right's role within the party of Lincoln. In his latest col, DL argues that religious Reps should belly up to the electoral equivalent of Golden Corral's all-you-can-eat (and then some) buffet and "feast, not fast, on politics."

[Christian conservatives] have as much right — indeed an obligation — to influence policy consistent with their worldview as any other group. If not Christian conservatives, who will stand up for the unborn? Who will stand up for traditional marriage? Who will better stand up for originalist judges and religious liberty?…

Secular forces are not planning on withdrawing from politics. They don't believe in leaving their worldview out of their policy advocacy, their governance or their law making. How can responsible Christians even consider unilateral surrender? And why are they always asked to make the false choice between their politics and their evangelism? They can and should do both, with vigor.

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