Don't Blame Me. I Voted Against Kang!



National Journal is pushing its latest (maybe last before the election) "Insider Poll" of Capitol Hill staff and political consultants. The question: "What issue will most motivate your party's base in the midterm elections?" The answer: Absolutely everything except their own party's appeal.

For Republicans, 47 percent say "fear of a Democratic majority" (Speaker Pelosi! Majority Leader Murtha! House Chaplain Cindy Sheehan!) will turn out their coalition of Angry White Men And A Black Guy. Thirty-five percent say the war on terrorism'll do it – hence the Shitty Daisy Ad. Absolutely no one claims that the GOP's record will turn the base out, although between two and 15 percent claim some combination of pushing tax cuts and social issues will do it.

The Democrats' platform is even shakier. Only one percent say the party's agenda will get voters to the polls. Ninety-one percent say Iraq and hatred of Bush will turn Daily Kos readers into gung-ho voters and phone bankers. ("Good evening. I'm calling to make sure you can come to the Jennifer Granholm rally outside the abandoned steel mill on Saturday.")