When Islamo-Fascist Just Won't Do


Try Islamo-Nazi! Michael Medved, the world's most offended movie critic, does!

Check out this graf of Medved's recent upchuck over former Bush faith-baser David Kuo and his new book Tempting Faith:

The political struggles of the moment really do matter—to defend our beloved country from the very real horrors of Islamo-Nazi terror, to protect the institution of marriage from irrevocable alteration, to save some of the millions of babies lost each year to abortion, to defeat the madness of multiculturalism and to affirm the importance of one nation, under God, indivisible. When compared to the consequences of defeat in these battles (a defeat that Kuo seems to crave and recommend) his obsession with faith-based anti-poverty initiatives seems petty, almost childish.

Forget that Kuo's dog-bites-man book—Bush political operatives do not take evangelicals seriously. And?—deserved the slap, does Medved really believe Osama is studying runes from pre-Christian Europe? I demand that Medved stop writing screechy columns and reviewing movies he hates and complete the book that will show all the links that Medved has established between National Socialism in Germany and the worldwide Islamic terror movement.

That would be a great read. Better movie, even.

Update: I'm reminded that Nick Gillespie noted the initial Medvedian deployment of Islamo-Nazi back in July at Wonkette.