Revealed!: Secret Plans of Crack-Whore Dems!


The Wall Street Journal reports on the secret plans of Dems if and when they take over the House of Representatives: An email written by a member of Congress reveals that the Donkey Party will "plot to establish a Department of Peace, raise your taxes and minimize penalties for crack dealers."

Oh, wait: That email was written by the House Majority Whip, Missouri Republican Roy Blunt, and says far more about mounting GOP hysteria than anything about their rivals.

And that sort of thing doubtless helps explain why Congress' approval ratings are lingering around the mid-teens longer than Mark Foley on a Saturday night:

congress rating.gif

Possible sop to Republicans: The Journal points out that while just 16 percent of voters approve of Congress as whole (or perhaps more accurately, as a 'hole), some 39 percent think their crook deserves reelection. By the same token, "In October 1994, with the public fed up with scandals and the failure of President Clinton and his party's lawmakers to deliver in key areas such as health care, voters said by a nine-point margin—46% to 37%—that they wanted Republicans to take control. That compares with the 15-point margin today in favor of Democrats' taking the reins."

More here, for folks with a subscription to the WSJ.

Hat tip: Film critic extraordinaire Alan Vanneman.