Rove Speaketh…


karl rove closeup.jpg

Karl Rove may not be the Cthulhu of American politics (though he certainly comes close in many Democratic precincts to inspiring the sort of fear H.P. Lovecraft reserved for "Cyclopean jelly candy").

But Rove–a documented Reason subscriber who always reminds me a bit of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (I don't mean that as a bad thing)–is now boasting to the Washington Times that the GOP is A-OK when it comes to the midterms: "I'm confident we're going to keep the Senate; I'm confident we're going to keep the House. The Foley matter has impact in some limited districts, but the research we have shows that people are differentiating between a vote for their congressman and a member from Florida," Rove told "America's Newspaper."

More from the Times' account: "Although Mr. Rove had previously predicted a loss of eight to 10 House seats, he said he remains confident that Republicans will not lose more than 15 — the magic number that would flip control of the chamber to Democrats. Democrats have to pick up six seats to gain control of the Senate — virtually impossible, Mr. Rove said." Whole thing here.

mike_dewine small.jpg

Meanwhile in Ohio, evidence mounts that elfin non-entity incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, behind to challenger Sherrod Brown, ought to start preparing for his new life as a body double for Sean Astin.

And that Foley guy who has played such a leading role in the latest GOP downturn at the polls? He's keeping in the news with an announcement that he'll name the priest who molested him three-plus decades ago to the Miami archdiocese.