Organizing for Anarchy


The Center for a Stateless Society launches, a project of the Molinari Institute, named after 19th century Belgian-born economist Gustave de Molinari, an early applier of market logic to defense services. Those who believe that there can be a marginal price for everything, and that value is subjective, and that we must make again of the anarchist revolution an intellectual adventure, check in early and often.

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  1. Anarchy! Whiskey! Sexy!

    I am pleased to learn that the director of the Molinari Institute is Roderick T. Long, a anarcho-capitalist I am familiar with through his writings at (formerly the Free Nation Foundation).

  2. This is a quote from the Molinari Institute introduction page:
    “The form of social organization known as the State,
    an increasingly virulent parasite on civil society,
    is entering the final stages of an unsustainable growth
    that threatens the existence of civilisation itself.”

    So the organization seems to have already absorbed the wisdom of “King Kong’s bone” from the post just above.

    King Kong’s bone is not a good jumping off point for an anarchist revolution is it?

    Still, we anarchists will get you end the end: Smile! You’re on peaceful anarchist Ruthless’ candid camera!

  3. There you are, Ruthless! I figured this one would draw you out!

    Well, I subscribed to their newsletter, and wish them luck. I’ve really been in the mood to unleash a can of ‘lash on politicos lately. Perhaps the incredible venality on display lately has gotten under my skin.

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