I Am Strong, I Am Invincible, I Am Anti-Abortion


The LA Times' Stephanie Simon reports back on the hottest under-reported election of the year—the fight over South Dakota's draconian abortion ban.

Antiabortion activists here deliberately avoid the familiar slogans of their movement. They don't talk about the "murder of innocent babies" or quote the Bible on the sanctity of life. Instead, campaign manager Leslee Unruh has taken what she calls a feminist approach, arguing that legalized abortion exploits women and—for their sake—must be stopped.

The bumper stickers and T-shirts that fill campaign headquarters spell out her message, in pink and blue: "Abortion Hurts Women."

This isn't a brand new tactic for anti-abortion activists. It's just more jarring in South Dakota, where the proposed law would force women impregnated by rapists to carry their pregnancies to term.

Ronald Bailey first discovered the proposed abortion ban back in February. I noticed the first negative polling for the law in July.