Cartoon Heroes


Ah, finally some entertaining anti-Iran activism from the Right. That lumpy, vaguely Captain Sternn-looking Hitler cariacature was the entry of cartoonists Cox and Forkum into Tehran's "Holocaust International Cartoon Contest." It was too weird to win, but that wasn't cartoonist Forkum's intention.

I designed and illustrated the Hitler caricature so that when turned upside down, Hitler becomes Ahmadinejad.

The world's taken a page from Dag Hammerskjold and come up short; time to take a page from Highlights?

The cartoonists (entered under the psuedonuym "Hugh Bradley") didn't make the finals, so they didn't actually get displayed on the Iranian website. But their cartoon wasn't sent back, either, so they're convinced the government hacks who pored over their image were successfully pranked.