Yo Quiero Heads to Roll!



Maybe none of those racism charges against politicians who used the term tar baby ever stuck. (Pun intended.) That doesn't mean the blockade has ended on colorful racial metaphors. For example, calling Cubans "little Chihuahas."

In staff meetings Tuesday, Miami Herald reporters asked whether the paper was caving to critics. Editor Tom Fiedler dismissed that notion, saying the "22 people who listen to Cuban radio" were being stirred up by "little Chihuahuas nipping at our heels." He later apologized for his choice of words.

Herald Editor eats those words in his paper today, explaining that he was talking about a few crazy Miami talkers who kept implying the Herald was in league with Castro. But just like the rest of these "racial" flare-ups, this seems like bunk. Chihuahas are 1) the most common metaphor for small, annoying, insignificant people and 2) not from Cuba.

(Via Romanesko.)