Hit & Run = "The best brain food on the web."


So says Playboy, the only magazine in the history of print media never to be wrong or overimpressed with anything.

The November issue of Playboy (on sale today!) lists the bunny mag's "Top 10 Political Blogs" and there we are: An "astute yet playful blog that proves libertarians don't have to be a bunch of cranky ideologues. A fine source for all the latest news on what you're not allowed to do today and a relief from the left-right bickering."

Check out the other nine picks in the brain food buffet by going here. And while we're patting ourselves on the back, check out more kudos for Reason here.

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  1. Great exposure from a magazine known to present only the bare truth. This news uplifted my whole day.

  2. “…a relief from the left-right bickering.”

    Not lately.

  3. When William F. Buckley was taken to task for having given an interview to Playboy, he replied that he had no objection to having a Bible in a brothel.

    Let us do likewise.

  4. Huh. Good to be mentioned, nice blurb, like that “libertarian” is in the middle and not all the way to the right, but I think our “fun factor” should be much higher. They got our lack of influence right, though. After all, we’re all libertarians around here. Mostly.

    Another huh: I said “our” above. How proprietary commenters can get! Of course, when your commenters are all young, ambrosia-eating gods, that’s natural 🙂

    With another piece of Playboy praise in hand, can the special Girls of Reason issue be far away?

    In the words of a great sage of our time “Awesome! Totally Awsome!”
    Who do we have on the inside over at Playboy? Does Nick have pictures of Hef not having sex with someone?

    They place our influence rather low 🙁 It’s a fair cop.
    OTOH We are the only blog free of left/right lean. Even better, we score high in the fun category, second only to the “pro-sex feminists” at pandwagon.

  6. “astute yet playful blog that proves libertarians don’t have to be a bunch of cranky ideologues.”

    But I AM a cranky ideologue…

  7. I subscribe to both Reason and Playboy (the former for the photos and the latter for the articles) and consider them the only two reliable libertarian-minded magazines around. Or libertine-arian, or whatever.

  8. I’d say congrats but the server will likely eat my comment.

  9. Nice to see Reason getting exposure to the 15 year old male crowd. 😉

  10. It’s more like a Gaggle of Cranky-Idealogues… ‘bunch’ is too organized.

  11. “…the special Girls of Reason issue….”

    Issue? Pamphlet, perhaps…

    (but quality is what matters)

  12. sam-hec

    I believe the proper collective noun [if one can use the term “collective noun” when speaking of libertarians] is a ‘rant’.

  13. If it’s a ‘rant’ of libertarians, what collective (hehe) noun do we use for objectivists?

  14. Thinking about the whole right-left thing, since what were known as “liberals” no longer want to be called liberals and instead want to call themselves “Progressives”, can I start using the word liberal to describe myself? Libertarian is too syllabilly

  15. So, Playboy doesn’t read Reason for the articles?

  16. What does the Reason Pillow Girl think of all this?

    And what month will she be in Playboy?

  17. MarkV:

    Might I suggest A Monad of Objectivist?

    No, you can’t express it as a plural. That’s for whim-worshipping collectivists.


  18. I notice that dailyKos is also on the list.

    Here are my picks for
    The best brain food on the web…

    edge. org
    3quarksdaily. com
    cogprints. org
    http://www.maakies. com
    http://www.bitterfilms. com
    artchive. com
    http://www.graffiti. org
    http://www.ecbrown. org

  19. “Might I suggest A Monad of Objectivist?”

    What about an AYNad of Objectivists?

    A RAND of objectivists?

    An AEROSOL of Objectivists
    (A substance packaged under pressure with a gaseous propellant …seems right)

  20. Kevin and Mainstream:

    Monad is interesting…..though after some consideration, a borg of Objectivists is perhaps more appropriate.

    This would go along with a whine of liberals and an arrogance of conservatives.

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