The Continuing Battle Between Libertarians and Libertarian Democrats


Earlier this week over at Cato Unbound, the Daily Kos kicked off a debate about "libertarian Democrats" and whether libertarians should vote Democrat. DLC prez Bruce Reed's rejoinder is up now, and Harold Meyerson's reply should be up today or tomorrow. I'll be weighing in at CO on the topic on Monday.

In the meantime, here's a spirited response over at Catallarchy to one of Kos' main contentions–that corporate power needs to be reined in by activist government. Trent McBride dismisses such nonsense, notes that Kos fails to engage the basic libertarian argument regarding government and corporate power, and asks, "Persuade me that corporate (coercive) power, to the extent that it exists, does not rest on governmental power at its foundation."

More, including attempts to persuade McBride, here.