Holy Moley, More on Foley! Accusing Intern Revealed!


Drudge is reporting that the page involved in the most infamous IM chat with Rep. Mark Foley was in fact 18 years old at the time of the exchange. The website Passionate America has identified the former page here, thanks to a glitch in ABCNews' posting of material.

Meanwhile, back at Coach Hastert's Sex Farm, Legislative Emporium, and Good Time Wrasslin' Parlor, Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.) is calling for the suspension of Congress' semi-covert Operation Chickenhawk:

"I think we need to take some serious looks at this and try to come up with a program for the 21st century," said Rep. Ray LaHood, Illinois Republican. "When you have a page that's approached by a member of Congress through e-mails in a very salacious way, that's a serious problem. If that was my child, I'd want them to come home."

I think LaHood's basic point stands whether the kid was 18 (both a boy and a man), only 17 (and even if no beauty queen), or 16 (and coming on like a dream, peaches and cream).

More important, if that was my congressman, I'd want them to come home (or preferably, to someone else's district). And most of the reigning leadership too, whose non-response and Joe Buck passing arguably represents the meatier scandal (not that you have to pick just one) in a scandal that's largely about meat.

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  1. Apologies for the threadjack, but of the 1,000 threads we have on this subject, has the political future (or lack thereof) of our Speaker of the House been discussed?

    I think, obviously, “The Coach” is cooked. He went from CYA to just “C-ya!”.

    And this talk about abolishing the Page program is pretty bogus. There is no way these ego-maniacs are going to give up their sex farm.

  2. Both Christine Sixteen “She’s got me in her hands and there’s no use in pretending” and Domino “Its a sticky situation, if she aint old enough to vote” by KISS seems more up Foley’s alley. Parked right next to whatever else he has up his alley.

  3. Never mind “Coach” – I’m rather surprised, given the comparisons being bandied about, nobody’s referring to the man as “Dennis Cardinal Hastert.”


  4. Joe Buck is too good of a sportscaster to have his name even remotely touching this topic.

  5. Downstater – I assume you’re being sarcastic, right? Everyone knows Joe Buck is awful.

  6. If he was over 18 at the time, and 21 now, why is ABC protecting his identity? What was he a victim of?

    And I think the reference is to Joe Buck, male prostitute, the hero of Midnight Cowboy.

  7. Everyone knows Joe Buck is awful.
    And I think the reference is to Joe Buck, male prostitute, the hero of Midnight Cowboy.

    Hmm, I think we can unequivocally say “Joe Buck sucks.”

    (That’s not really true if I remember the movie correctly. Let’s say I don’t remember it correctly.)

  8. vanya, he very well might. i’m probably just being an stl homer.

    but alas, it seems that it was another pop culture reference that i’m not old enough to get.

    my apologies.

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