Time to Start Preparing for the Crash of '06('07)?


Dow Jones hits second straight day of nominal record highs.

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  1. From the department of random musings, despite what Kos says, the market is not the economy. There’s some good analisys that suggests that a sudden rise in the DOW accompanied by a lack of rise in other indeces (which is what we’re currently seeing) is a suggestion of a poor economy. To wit: Investors, nervous about the economy will start dropping dollars into the behemoth ‘old money’ stocks (the DOW) which stay stable and tend to be immune to market volatility in questionable economic times.

    Show a Night Elf some love.

  2. Ahem, that’s analysis*.

    Just sayin’

  3. Note to self: sell stock before the end of the month.

  4. Good idea, Karen!

    Frantic stock speculation + falling economic indices = lots of people losing lots of money in a hurry.

  5. Very odd. Nobody believes in it but it keeps going up. At least it broadened out today and it’s not just the Dow, which are boring defensive stocks you buy because they go down less when everything goes down.

    I guess everyone expected the Sept/Oct correction so this is what we got instead. Maybe the Gnomes have decided to have the Santa Claus rally before the election.

  6. Given my investment history, the best stock tip I can offer is to do exactly the opposite of what I do.


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