The Nude Bomb



It's going to be ever-so-easily linked to Foleygate, but this scandal out of West Virginia seems pretty harmless.

An apologetic [Democratic State Sen. Randy] White also wrote that he was "shocked" and "horribly embarrassed" after WCHS-TV aired photos depicting him and at least two other men wearing only body paint.

"The pictures were taken approximately two years ago in private and were stolen from my personal computer," said White, 51, a married father of three. "I am not sure why they were given to the media, but I must assume for obvious political reasons."

WCHS said it received the photos anonymously on a compact disc. The various photos, censored by the station, were shown for about 80 seconds during a 5-minute news segment alleging White was the apparent victim of a blackmail plot. The station aired the segment during several newscasts last week.

That's certainly one way to dispel a blackmail plot.

While it's pretty clear White is struggling to admit that he's gay (he's going through a "personal identification situation," uh huh), there's no reason for a nakedness scandal to derail a career. Congressman Pete Sessions was rocked by the release of a 1970s photo of him streaking, his manhood flying free and easy in vivid black and white. How did it hurt his campaign? Well, notice I called him Congressman Pete Sessions.

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  1. This

    Seems more interesting.
    A way to track political dissent in terms of its threat…

  2. I never thought I’d ever type this sentence, and if anyone ever says that I did, I’ll deny it and call you a liar, but…………

    I want to see the pictures of the three naked, gay, painted, fat, middle-aged, men from West Virginia.

    Oh come on…don’t act like you don’t want to see them too.

  3. Is being in the closet a necessary mental state for someone who decides to run for public office?

  4. When will the US Government finally change Vatican law and allow congressmen to get married?

  5. had been working with his family to … overcome depression for which he has been treated through medication for over a year.

    Ah crap. Yesterday it was Foley with the alcohol, now it’s today and this guy with the depression treatment. Before that it was that drunk driver guy and the alcohol treatment.

    I think I liked it better when they would all just say, hours after getting busted: “that’s all in the past and only negative, bitter people dwell on the past and they just need to let it go because we’re all very excited about looking forward to the future and moving on.” Can we go back to that, or is “I’m in therapy” the new “all in the past/move on”?

  6. Cab- It’s like a car crash. You hate yourself for wanting to look, but still feel the need to take a peek.

  7. That has got to be one of the dumbest blackmailers ever (if it’s not just a smear attempt without blackmail). With the Foley story in the news, how big a portion of the public are going to hear “Naked gay pictures – WITH OTHER ADULTS” and just feel sorry for the guy?

  8. Eric- It’s West Virginny. He’ll be luck not to be burned at the stake.

  9. I want to see the pictures of the three naked, gay, painted, fat, middle-aged, men from West Virginia.

    Why? Peel off the ‘gay’ and ‘painted’ and there’s nothing left but fat and middle-aged.

  10. Eric- It’s West Virginny. He’ll be luck not to be burned at the stake.

    I wouldn’t be so sure. Let’s follow this.

  11. Being gay never hurt a pol in Arizona. Not even Republicans.

  12. Gee, I expected more comments on “Pete” Sessons. Did he run for office (naked) as the biggest Peter in Congress, or the best Peter, or perhaps just as an Average Peter, or as a representative of all Peters? Or maybe as flying Peter… (I know, I need help. But not to excuse myself, and just to let you know, I was molested by hot nuns in my fantasies when I was 32 – while drinking – diet coke)

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