The Inkifada, One Year Later


A new poll commissioned by Jyllands-Posten asks Danes what they thought now of the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons, which originally ran on September 30, 2005. (The outrage, stoked by imams outside Denmark, came a bit later.)

What is your view on the decision to publish the cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed?

It was correct to publish the drawings—59 percent

The drawings should have never been published—38 percent

Not sure—9 percent

It's hard to grok the meaning of the numbers. Do all 38 percent of the naysayers think the toons were an insult to Islam, or do some simply regret the weeks of anti-Dane bluster from the Muslim world?

Reason's orginal coverage of the controversy is still worth reading—Tim Cavanaugh on a Canadian cartoonist's contribution and another proposed Danish display, Jesse Walker on Danish censorship, and more.