Squeezing the Juice out of Baseball


The Los Angeles Times is playing up another incipient baseball steroid scandal, with the Astros Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte denying allegations contained in a federal agent's affidavit about six players supposedly juicing themselves illegally; a source revealed six names blacked out in the publicly available affidavit to the Times. The others are Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons and David Segui.

You can count on Reason to be there at the bloody crossroads of drugs and baseball. See, for just a few examples, Aaron Steinberg on Juicy Jose Canseco's memoirs from June 2005; Matt Welch on why Congress should stay away from ballplayers piss from March 2005 and Matt's call to let Barry Bonds be Barry Bonds, from December 2004; Nick Gillespie's big so what? to baseball juice scandals of all varieties, from August 2005; and Ron Bailey saluting in February 2005 all the crazy techniques beyond mere drugs that will be changing baseball and other sports as science marches on; and more!