Just In Time for the Midterm Elections…


…the sorta new, Bush-modified Supreme Court comes to order, with abortion and affirmative action cases topping this season's docket:

The Supreme Court opens Monday with a bevy of cases relating to abortion, environmental rules and affirmative action. The size of jury awards and patent law are also on the docket for the 2006-2007 year.

The Bush administration's treatment of terrorism suspects, warrantless monitoring of Americans' communications with overseas contacts and efforts to invoke national security claims to stop lawsuits could also reach the court before the term ends in June.

And while cases involving religion may not specifically be argued this term, the personal beliefs of the justices could have an impact on the outcome of others….

More here, via your fair and balanced source, Fox News.

Will any of this have an effect/affect on the midterm elections? Of course (not).