Sister Michael Medved Explains It All for You


Michael Medved reacts to Mel Gibson's description of the Iraq war as "human sacrifice":

If these antiwar comments are the beginning of an ill-considered, organized campaign to get back into the good graces of the Hollywood establishment that gave him the Oscar for Braveheart, so he can show he's not different from them and march arm-in-arm with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, there will be a great deal of disgust from the people who have enjoyed Mel's movies in the past.

Daniel Radosh reacts to Medved:

Right, because drunken, antisemitic and sexist tirades are understandable, but opposing the war—that's disgusting!

Radosh also notes that "it was pretty shrewd of Mel to launch his 'organized campaign' more than two years before his fall from grace. As Medved should know (doesn't he have a clipping service?), Gibson expressed 'doubts' about the war back in March, 2004 and a year later asked, 'what the hell are we doing in Iraq?'"

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  1. I honestly think folks like Medved say what they say for a pay check and don’t really believe in it. This guy, like many of the neocons, was very left wing in his college days. He probably just figured out that with the lower number of conservative “intellectuals” that it was easier to become a big fish in that small pond.

  2. Not that I don’t give a flying fig what celebrities think, eat, wear, or screw…actually, I don’t. Sorry.

  3. I for one was initially for the war, but it seems the data was faulty and the whole thing was done horribly wrong.

    As a guy who distrusts government, I should have known that a government that can’t get a DMV line to move at more than a snail’s pace could not fix Iraq.

    This is why I’m no longer a Republican and changed to a Libertarian. I can’t stand the Grand Old Party’s hypocricy on every issue. The Dems are worse.

    I want to think for my self, pleae.

  4. Michael Medved. Taking movies – and the people who make them – more seriously than anyone should.

  5. A reminder that Medved accused Captain America of being a traitor.

  6. Your use of “Sister” intrigues me: do you also think that Medved scores quite highly on the “gaydar”?

  7. I will forgive mel for everything, if he makes another mad max movie.

  8. I like the way Medved clings to his conviction that the American public still supports the Iraq War. It’s just so darn cute when right wingers threaten you with the disapproval of a public that doesn’t exist.

  9. This is the typical reaction from Bush’s Neocon. apologists to any critism of Bush from The Right. Reminds me of the time Rush Limbaugh called Sen. Chuck Hagel (a consistent conservative) a “moderate” when Hagel had the nerve to express skepticism about the war in Iraq.

  10. Finally, now I can complete my college dissertation, entitled “How Stupid IS Stupid?”

  11. Please, Medved lost any and all respectability when he started sucking the collective ass of the Christian Right.

  12. I will forgive mel for everything, if he makes another mad max movie.

    I heard that Mad Max Beyond Thundersynagogue is already in the works.

    “Two men enter … one mensch leaves!”

  13. Ok, for those who don’t know, Michael Medved is not just a conservative talk show host, he first gained success as a movie critic. He cares about What Mel Gibson says and thinks because they are both part of tiny conservative Hollywood. Oh yeah, and Medved’s a jew.

    It’s legitimate for Michael to question Mel’s sincerity, but his doubts are probably unfounded.
    Mel’s a good guy who’s fall from grace was a simple mistake. He to get in touch with his Catholic roots by acting like a Kennedy.

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